Some more legacy Daer Reports – pre 2010

Reports from pre 2010 – split into 6 parts, 1, 2, 3, 4a, 4b and now part 5. As well as one for Site 86

Dear Valley interim report

A new series of reports dealing with the Daer Valley Project will soon be streaming on to the web site. The reports will bring everyone up to date with the entire project which has grown from about 1985 when we first went looking for bastle house sites, and then in 1990 when we started our great adventure to re-survey the entire upper reaches of the River Clyde. We eventually found three bastle sites and to our great surprise and delight located hundreds of prehistoric sites and objects on the hills and in the reservoir and forests there.

The valley could boast three archaeological sites before we arrived; a cairn and another one which had been removed in the 19th century, and a supposed tower house which lay beneath the water of the reservoir. The story has changed so dramatically that some parts of Scotland’s history will be re written as a consequence, and that story will continue if a major project proposed by Glasgow University comes about. We hope to have all the prehistoric work we’ve done scrutinised by professional analyses, with even more radio carbon dates and other scientific work completed on finds and samples. It’s a ‘watch this space’ scenario and if it comes off we are confident that a major contribution to Scotland’s past will be made. Reports on all our outstanding projects are also in prep and some of these will also appear very soon, we hope you will enjoy reading them and looking at our illustrations. We welcome any enquiries regarding our work.

The first of these reports: