Our people

Volunteers Survey in the snow
Volunteers survey in the snow

During the past thirty-five years many people have taken part in our various projects. Some came for a day and found that archaeology was not for them; others have remained constant for many years. The original trio have stuck with it through thick and thin. People, young and not so young, from all walks of life have been involved in our activities.

Their personal dedication and commitment to understanding and preserving the past has been fundamental to our success. They have not been ‘fair weather’ archaeologists, rather having suffered some appalling rigours of weather condition, and unreasonable requests by their leader!

Volunteers surveying in Clydesdale
Volunteers surveying in Clydesdale

We have benefited greatly from the contributions of a number of professional archaeologists from Universities, Institutions, Museums and Societies throughout Scotland. Their help, advice and encouragement have been necessary in enabling us to continue with our activities and in our efforts to enhance the quality of our work.

All are recorded in site acknowledgements and in our extensive photograph and video archive.