Building bastle houses and associates buildings

    Greywacke stairway at Glenochar bastle house
    Greywacke stairway at Glenochar bastle house

    Download – The logistics of building bastle houses and associated buildings in Upper Clydesdale | 2015 | 3.2MB – Tam Ward, BAG

    This report attempts to answer questions regarding the selection, acquisition and use of materials to build bastle houses and their associate buildings in the Southern Uplands of Scotland, specifically in the upper Clyde valley area.

    A series of other occasional reports will be a consequence of the fieldwork on post medieval settlement in southern Scotland.

    The purpose here is to better understand the logistics of construction of bastles and contemporary buildings, since a series of them have been investigated historically and archaeologically by BAG and with research continuing. Considerable evidence of their distribution and occupation and use has been established through archaeological survey, research and excavation (Ward 1998), however, few details of their conception in the area and of their construction have been considered.

    The following aspects are discussed in this report:

    • Materials used in construction
    • Transport of materials to sites
    • Suppliers of materials or acquisition sources
    • Costs of materials and builders