Our purpose

Ring enclosure, surveying in Clydesdale
Ring enclosure, surveying in Clydesdale

Our purpose is to maintain a watching brief on the landscape of Upper Clydesdale and Upper Tweeddale and to participate and mediate in any issues pertaining to the recording, preservation and management of the sites, monuments and artefacts.

  • To promote and engender an interest in the past by offering opportunities to practise most aspects of archaeology, provide displays of objects and interpretations, provide information through publications, lectures, events and the media.
  • To liaise with other archaeologists, groups and organisations, to share information and to seek help and advice.
  • To organise field excursions.
  • To engage in survey, excavation and fieldwork programmes.
  • To secure objects disposed by the Treasure Trove and Small Finds Disposal Panels.
  • To raise funds in support of the aims and objectives.
  • To maintain a local sites and monuments record and to provide heritage trails.
  • To curate and develop the archaeological collections and exhibits in Biggar Museums.
  • To provide educational and leisure facilities, and opportunities to the local and wider communities.