About us

Volunteer doing post excavation work
Volunteer doing post excavation work

The archaeology group has been running since 1981, starting from humble beginnings with three people and not much experience. Since that time skills and knowledge have been developed in most aspects of archaeology, specialising particularly in the landscapes of the Upper Clyde and Tweed rivers. The organiser of the Group is Tam Ward electrician and amateur archaeologist.

The Group has been responsible for several major landscape surveys, a significant series of discoveries and excavations, and have developed museum exhibits and educational resources. Conferences and seminars have been held, and activity events and lectures have been a feature of our endeavours to interest the general public in heritage matters.

Much of our excavation work is in response to threats to sites, although we have developed research strategies to pull together various strands of enquiries, giving a better understanding of the overall landscape use, and also the various periods of human activity on them.

Volunteer post excavation work
Volunteer cataloging finds

Membership is free and is open to anyone who wishes to participate in voluntary archaeology. The Group is managed by Jim Ness who controls projects, finance, reports, liaison, public relations, grants, and other administrative functions. While most work is carried out in the field, a considerable programme of post excavation research and publication work has been done. The Group work in close liaison with other archaeological society members. Many students and others access the Group’s projects to gain experience and as source information for the purposes of dissertations etc.