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Greywacke stairway at Glenochar bastle house

Building bastle houses and associates buildings

Download – The logistics of building bastle houses and associated buildings in Upper Clydesdale | 2015 | 3.2MB...
Cist No 1. Cup marks on the side slab are natural

Excavation report of the three Early Christian graves at Lyne, in 2005

Download – Excavation of three Early Christian graves at Lyne, near Peebles | 2005 |...
GLENOCHAR Heritage Trail

Glenochar Bastle House and Ferm Toun Trail

The Glenochar trail, which was officially opened on 30 August 1997 by the Marquess of...

Lyne Heritage Trail

This part of the Southern Uplands of Scotland is an area that has a rich...
Wintercleugh Bastle Trail info panel in the landscape

New heritage display panels installed in Daer valley

As part of Biggar Archaeology Group’s (BAG) initiatives in local heritage matters, five new display panels...
Wintercleugh Bastle stairs

Wintercleuch Bastle House Trail

The hills of Upper Clydesdale abound in archaeological sites and monuments. Of the many sites...

The first heritage trail created by BAG was at the Glenochar Bastle House and Fermtoun Trail near Crawford. This was the culmination at that time, 1998, of the original research, survey and excavation by the group on the subject.

The trail was awarded a Glenfiddich Living History Award and the Pitt Rivers Award for the best voluntary project, among others. At that time an accompanying booklet was produced to inform visitors and this will soon appear on this web in a revised form which deals with further work on bastle houses, sheep milking buchts and shielings.

A further bastle house trail is available at nearby Daer Valley and leads to Wintercleuch bastle house and farm, and more interpretation panels will be installed in the Daer valley for yet another bastle house excavation; Smithwood and several pre-historic sites nearby.

The site of Lyne Early Christian cists excavated in association with Peeblesshire Archaeological Society is now a trail which also encompasses the nearby Lyne Roman Fort and the Lyne Church.

These trails have access facilities and each has full illustrated display panels on site for the benefit of visitors.

Other heritage trails have been planned for some time but unfortunately the scheme has not attracted funding which is principally required for the production of the display panels.

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