Post medieval site of Logan

Clay pipe
Clay pipe

We are now able to show that settlements from c1600 to c1750 were becoming more materialistic than previously. Consumption of tobacco and wine is quite surprising for rural areas as is the quality of later ceramics including Delft and Staffordshire wares.

The buildings so far exposed indicate unusual types with thick non mortared walls and thinner mortared examples; however one building can only have been a tower or bastle house judging from its style and size.

Bastle HOUSE excavations
Excavation of Bastle House remains

A chance find by metal detecting has been a small hoard of five Edward silver long cross pennies near the site. These are clearly not associated with the excavation evidence so far, and are most likely to have been lost in 1310 when Edward II was encamped at Biggar in October of that year. Several other small hoards of similar age have been found in the Upper Clyde area and this is the first for Tweeddale. It may be that Edward was sending out scouts or more likely envoys to test the loyalty or otherwise of local magnates.

Coin hoard found around the Logan site
Coin hoard found by metal detectorist close to the site