The Howburn Book

Reindeer migration
Reindeer migration

At last, and it has been worth the wait – we have the Howburn Book, a report principally by Torben Bjarke Ballin, a leading lithics expert and no stranger to Biggar Archaeology Group because he also did a report on our pitchstone findings.

Numerous experts and a lot of science has went into the post excavation work at Howburn and we at BAG are grateful for all that. Not only do we have a unique site for Britain, but Richard Tipping of Stirling University has altered the story of Scotland’s glaciation – and given the country a new loch!

On a sadder note, Alan Saville of the National Museums and who was a great supporter of our prehistoric work died during the preparation of the book, he should have been co-author of the lithics side of the project. The book is dedicated to his memory. Similarly, some of our own Group have also sadly passed away in the interim; Fiona Christison, Denise Dudds, Ian Paterson and Janet Ward, all stalwarts of BAG, and all fondly remembered.

The book entitled ‘Reindeer Hunters at Howburn Farm, South Lanarkshire’ is available now as a hard back at £25, but also as a free download from the publishers: Archaeopress Publishing Ltd, Summertown Pavilion, 18-24 Middle Way, Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7LG and

Other reports on the project are available here on our own web site.