Lithic Geology Report

    Chert was subsequently used up to and including the Bronze Age to produce a variety of tools types, mostly blades, scrapers, arrowheads, piercers and the debitage that resulted from their manufacture, including numerous cores of differing types. However, at most sites it was supplemented by other tool making materials, principally flint.

    Download – Lithic Geology | 2013 | 6MB | Ian Paterson & Tam Ward, BAG |

    In the past 30 years, the Biggar Archaeology Group (BAG) has recovered, by means of fieldwalking and excavation, large amounts of lithic artefacts that date from prehistoric times. The collection consists mainly of debitage but includes a range of tools and weapons. This account describes the geology of the various lithological types and suggests possible sources for them, and also provides illustrated examples and archaeological descriptions and contexts of each type as found by BAG. Furthermore observations regarding the use of stone in the construction of a stone circle, and for use as pot boilers in burnt mounds are given, and some metal working slags are referenced.