Report on a mixed pre-historic lithic collection recovered from fields at Wester Yardhouse Farm in the Parish of Carnwath, South Lanarkshire.

27 November 2017

Wester Yardhour PDF ReportA mixed assemblage of pre-historic lithics including several tools was picked up from fields surrounding Wester Yardhouse Farm near Carnwath, circa NT 010 520, by the late Mr George Elder, farmer there, and perhaps also by his ploughman Mr Simpson. The finds were then passed to the late Miss Irene McKewan also of Wester Yardhouse who ultimately gave them to Mr Robert Thomson of Carnwath, Mr Thomson retained the collection for eleven years and decided to donate it to Biggar Museum.

Wester Yardhouse Farm lies within a remarkable area of pre-historic find spots and monuments, the latter include a souterrain, a broch, chambered cairn, several long cairns and thousands of small cairns of which one has a cist within it, and a spectacular Class II henge (RCAHMS 1978) (Fig 1). Biggar Archaeology Group have conducted fieldwork in the area and have also retrieved lithics from a field at nearby Calla Farm and Early Neolithic pottery at Kerswell (Ness forthcoming) and Firpark (Ward 2005). Mesolithic sites and finds have been found at Weston (Ward 2005) and at Corse Law (Clarke 1989).

Download the full report on Wester Yardhouse Farm assemblage.



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