Daer Valley and Clydesdale Mesolithic Report

6 September 2017

The work of the Biggar Archaeological Group [BAG] has produced a significance corpus of data on the Scottish Mesolithic period. It has come from arable fieldwalking where lithic scatters have been retrieved and led to excavations, but more especially from excavations in Daer Reservoir and nearby forests which have produced in some instances complete assemblages of lithic, associated with charcoal enriched features and some C14 dating.

Map pf mesolithic sites

Mesolithic sites in Clydesdale and Daer

Nearly all this voluntary endeavour awaits specialist study and further radio carbon dating, in the meantime some new thoughts on the subject are presented by the writer along
with illustrations of sites and finds, the latter being mostly microliths. Some of the evidence suggest a link with the elusive Mesolithic-Neolithic transition.


They all feature in this new report on Daer Valley and Clydesdale Mesolithic

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