Winter Solstice from Daer sites

20 December 2014

Map of Daer site 111

We revisited some of the Daer 2012 excavations – sites 110, 111 and 126 on the morning of 20 December 2014 to test the winter solstice sunrise theory.

It had been thought that the sunrise might have been viewed through the entrances to the three bronze age circular stone settings but a beautifully clear sunrise was at 150 degrees on the South-west flank of Hitteril Hill - 34 degrees further south than anticipated. So no astronomical alignment but good to get an opportunity to test the theory before the trees grew too tall.

Here's a video of the sunrise from Site 111.


Site 111 inferred alignment through circle centre

Site 111. shows inferred alignment (ranging rod) through circle centre and entrance with actual sunrise on South-west flank of Hitteril Hill.

Site 126 again shows sunrise at 09.07 on South-west flank of Hitteril.