New reports and discussion documents available from BAG

03 February 2013

This year reports will stream onto the web site on a number of topics, but most of them will cover work actually done by BAG.

We commend these articles to others in the hope that specialists may take the data and the stories further than we are able to do, because of who we are and the extremely limited resources at our disposal.

In order to make these reports downloadable we've kept the file sizes as small as possible – which means images and diagrams are low resolution. We have high resolution files available – and these are available by contacting us and they will be made available, (at the cost of a disc and postage if necessary).

The next batch of reports to appear will be individual sites from our DAER valley project; once again, we think a mass of new information will be of interest to archaeologists, and these reports will deal with archaeology from the Mesolithic to the present in the valley.

Report on Erosion of sitesReport on Volunteering in ArchaeologyErosion of Sites | 3.7MB pdf – Tam Ward

Volunteering in Archaeology | 2.3 MB– Tam Ward

These two reports go hand in hand and the purpose is to highlight the major issue of inland erosion of archaeological sites and the need for people to deal with it – or loose it! The experience of BAG is given in the reports in the hope that authorities will take note of what is being stated in the first, and that prospective volunteers will once more take a lead in Scottish archaeology, gaining confidence to engage with archaeology in the field.


Report on Bastle Building

Bastle Building| 4.7MB – Tam Ward

BASTLE BUILDING is an attempt to make some sense of the logistics of building 17th and 18th century homes in the Southern Uplands of Scotland. The first attempt at this matter will definitely require being refined as much information is presently missing and further research is needed. However, it is a start, and will at least set some parameters for more investigation, especially of existing records.


Report on Cup Marked StoneCup Marked Stones | 944KB – Tam Ward

The report on CUP MARKED stones and other pre historic rock art from the local area, will allow the reader a better grasp of what has been found of this rather elusive subject matter. New discoveries continue to be made showing the story will go on and on.

Report on Natural mounds and Cup Marks

Natural Mounds and Cup Marks | 706KB – Tam Ward

NATURAL MOUNDS and CUP MARKS attempts to clarify these aspects of the landscape, nature produces many wonderful effects and features and often these may be confusing, hopefully this will help in our part of the world and beyond.