Site 111 – Penannular Enclosure

06 November 2011

Latest provisional information on site 111– penannular enclosure.

Site No 111, was originally thought to be a group of small cairns cut by the forest plough, however it has turned out to be a most unusual monument and one which still retains its secrets. It now appears to be a penannular enclosure made with boulders up to 0.75m in size but mostly much smaller, kerb stones defined at least part of the interior bank of stones which varies up to about 1.5m wide.

Daer Valley Excavation – Penanular Enclusure drawing
A random but nice little 'hour glass' perforated greywacke stone , of unknown but early pre historic date, probably an amulet

Random find for sunday– a 'hour glass' perforated amulet

The interior is almost featureless although a setting of stones formed an arc on the North-east quadrant, where some charcoal has been gleaned and will at least provide a date for the site. There's been no finds, although a few pieces of chert have been found which are believed to be residual from the Mesolithic period. A second area of stones on the southern lower side appears to have no obvious function and an intriguing gully which runs diagonally through the site is understood to be the result of an old hill drain, although this theory may have complications due to a neat fill of stones. The site is now awaiting photography before further work to unravel its function is commenced.

**Weekend updated – two nice post holes with packing stones were found on Sunday. They were found in the internal area, with no finds these two featured are helpful in deciding what this site could have been – for example we might have two mortuary enclosures with possible excarnation platforms inside.

Another nice, but random find on Sunday. A little 'hour glass' perforated greywacke stone, of unknown but early pre historic date, probably an amulet