Update on the latest stone setting site

06 September 2011

Kerbed Stone Enclosure

Kerbed Stone Enclosure

This new site (previous update below) is proving to be a lot of hard work.

We have now established that it is an enclosure of around 12m in internal length. It has been kerbed along the inside of the upper bank of stone, so it originally had some form to it. Next weekend we will begin to explore the internal area. So far there have been no finds, no charcoal or burnt stone, therefore a cremation cemetery is maybe unlikely. The internal area slopes down for about a metre, what can this be? All we have done so far is expose the enclosure 'wall' on the south, east and part of the north sides, the long axis is running north/south.

We will soon be publishing the initial results of the various excavations at Daer and these will on the web as they are completed – some of the results are staggering, so watch this space.

Latest site for excavation – circular stone enclosure

01 September 2011

Volunteers at the new site for excavation at Daer

Volunteers starting off the next site to be excavated.

Here we go again, lots of stones emerging from below the peat at our latest site – and not much else so far!.

What we seem to have this time is a circular enclosure of stones about 15m in diameter and with a with a border of rocks about 1.5m wide. Some of the boulders are big, two men won't shift them, but most could be carried, once more we can see a big commitment of effort to make this feature, whatever it turns out to be, stones must have been gathered over a fairly large area to make it. Hopefully the answer to it all awaits us in the next few weeks, we cant wait, watch this space.

We'll be working on this site over the next few weekends. If you are in the area and would like to volunteer use our contact form to get in touch – we'd love to hear from you.