Call for fieldworkers for 2010

7 February 2010

Finding a tiny arrowhead in felled tree site

Chert arrow head found in clear felled forestry site at Fruid in 2008. The grin – because it's my first arrow head.

The Biggar Archaeology Group is calling for voluntary fieldworkers for 2010. If one of your new year resolutions was to try something different or learn something new, or even to revisit old hobbies or interests then why not come along and give it a try.

We are out almost every weekend when weather permits and in the summer months we are often out in the evening. All work is within 30-40 miles of Biggar, and we have volunteers coming from Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as more local areas.

We have a lot of planned work over the coming year and would like to encourage along some new faces. The work covers three main areas of our annual programme.

This first one is to walk over areas of clear felled forestry around the Daer Valley in the hope of finding four main types of unrecorded sites:

All of which have been found by BAG in forests in previous years.

Volunteers fieldwalking as part of the Pre-history North of Biggar project.

Volunteers fieldwalking as part of the Pre-History North of Biggar Project.

Surveying clear felled forestry site at Fruid 2008

Surveying among the felled tree stumps can be an arduous task - but it is worth it (see grin above!).

Secondly, there is a large arable field walking programme to be sustained and each year some very nice discoveries are made this way. The final area where we may need help is in our reservoir projects, if as we all hope, 2010 is a good summer, then the water levels will drop and further archaeological sites and finds will be there to be found.

Fruid Reservoir excavation of a Bronze Age House site in 2007.

Fruid reservoir excavation of a Bronze Age house site in 2008.

This is an excellent opportunity for amateurs and professionals alike and if you have never done such work, it can be a very rewarding and educational experience.

Contact us in the first instance if you are interested and we will supply details of how each aspect is operated, remember, it is only weekend and summer evening work.