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Post medieval site of Logan

We are now able to show that settlements from c1600 to c1750 were becoming more materialistic than previously. Consumption of tobacco and wine is...

Biggar Archaeology win Pitt Rivers Award 2008

British Archaeology Awards 2008   We are pleased to have received the Pitt Rivers Award for the second time as outright winners and to have also...
Fig. 20: Emptying am Iron Age pit, Howburn 2005.

Radiocarbon Dates in 2008

Radiocarbon dates have now been received for a number of projects. Fruid Reservoir The Fruid Reservoir dates are 3100±35BP and 3150±35BP. This first of these was...

Bronze Age Axe found in reservoir

A spectacular find has been made by the Biggar Archaeology Group at their excavation of two Bronze Age houses within Fruid reservoir near Tweedsmuir. We...

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Daer reservoir showing peat where water is down

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