The Upper Tweed project

View from Talla burn towards tweeddale

View from Talla Burn towards Talla Reservoir and Tweeddale in the background

This Project is primarily one of upland survey and covers all of the land to the west that includes the valley, to its source, of the River Tweed upstream from the town of Peebles. In addition and in conjunction with the Peebleshire Archaeological Society, the Project has been widened to include the valley of the Manor Water, an important tributary of the Tweed from the south.

For convenience, the Project is subdivided into The Tweed Survey sensu stricto;  the Megget Reservoir Project; The Talla Reservoir; The Fruid Reservoir, The Broughton Heights Survey; The Manor Valley Survey

The surveys within the area covered by the Upper Tweed Project are largely complete, having identified hundreds of new sites and monuments. Reports on the Tweed Survey and the Megget Reservoir are available on this website. A report on the Manor Valley Survey is in preparation.

Some surveying has still to be carried out, including, when conditions permit, the detailed study of the intricate archaeological landscape at the SE end of Talla Reservoir. However, the main thrust of the Project now involves the excavation within the survey areas of selected sites. For the most part, these are sites that are under threat and lie mainly in Fruid and Megget Reservoirs, but a number of sites have been investigated for research purposes.

The principal excavations reports in prep at the moment are Fruid, Lyne and Glencotho, each of a profoundly different period and character;

Mossfennan Farm reports are now available, these are Logan Post medieval settlement and three sites at Woodend covering Bronze Age cists on two of them and an enigmatic enclosure of which we have little to conclude.

Manor Valley Survey, Burnt Mounds and Lead Smelt Sites are also in prep for this year