Events 2009

Excavation and events planned for 2010

As it can be difficult to plan around the Scottish weather, the digging timetable below is an estimate only and as such, is likely to change.

Each excavation will be organised around the weather and any urgent digs that need to take priority. If you would like to know more about any of the planned excavations or would like to come along and help then send us an email using our contact form and we will let you know what the current plans are.

Current Excavation Timetable

Title Month
Daer Mesolithic Excavation – current work - contact if you would like to volunteer Spring and Summer 2010
Logan – Part of the Tweed Project. This is a 17th Century building complex. It contains a tower or a bastle house. Once completed this site will become part of a Heritage Trail Spring/Summer 2010
On Hold for Daer work

Daer Felled Forests – Fieldwork to find new prehistoric sites

Spring/Summer 2010
Annual Arable Field Walking – various projects in South Lanarkshire Starts Spring