Two tanged points found in same 1 metre section

Two tanged points found in the same 1 metre section. We are not washing any finds found in situ – these will then be available to test for pitch residue.

Howburn Excavation Update

Monday 20 July 2009

What a weekend! (our last, but one)...

Tang points, scrapers, cores and lots more coming out the ground so fast we could hardly keep up with them. However, even though we know there are lots more of these fantastic finds, the decision has been taken to end the dig.

Next weekend will be the last and we will be opening up a series of trial pits around the site to establish the nature of the ground surrounding our two main trenches. When this is done we shall be able to assess the field in order to make a statement to lay the foundation for any future work – but not by us.


Valerie Ferguson shows two tanged points she found in the same metre grid

Alan Saville and Torben Ballin our lithic specialists have had a brief look at the finds – now back in the museum – and they were astounded by the quantity and quality of the Late Upper Palaeolithic artifacts.

We also had Clare Wilson, environmental scientist from Stirling University, out on site to look at the soil and till profiles in the trenches, we are glad to have her on the team and she will report soon on her findings. Of particular interest was how a lot of the Paleo lithic managed to migrate down into the till, sometimes to a depth of 300mm, we now understand this was due to the process of cryoturbation cause by freezing and thawing during the Loch Lomond Re Advance period.

Mark Callan of Biggar YAC shows a fine side scraper he just found

Mark Callan of Biggar YAC shows a fine side scraper he found.

Only one more weekend remaining for fieldwork but we are already well on the way with a new display at the Moat Park Museum in Biggar to show off some of the finds and explain what the project has achieved. There will be more on that soon. We shall also be posting pics of some of the finds for your interest, so keep an eye on the website.

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