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Howburn Excavation

Sunday 17 May 2009

Weekend number three – several Paleo tools found

The Houston family, struck flint on their first ever dig. But of course this is not just any old flint, it is the oldest in Scotland.

Family of volunteers around a trench

A very nice end scraper and several snapped tools were among the many pieces of Upper Palaeolithic flint found by the family. Mum said the boys (and dad) were thrilled to actually find such lovely pieces.

This was just what we were hopingto achieve, rarely if ever, will professional archaeologists ever get the chance to touch such rare pieces, and here is a local family engaging with their own archaeology.

Finds from trench

Luke and Conner proudly show their discoveries.

The rest of the team are making good progress with several other Paleo tools being found including two scrapers and a curved back point, a patch of chert debitage from a Mesolithic napping site was also found turned up last week, in between showers.

More news soon.

We are still looking for volunteers every weekend. Contact us using the contact form or phone the Museum on 01899 221050. We are contactable most evenings at this number.

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