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Howburn Core

Howburn – Sediment Coring and the significance of stratigraphy beneath Strathbogie Plantation

Sediment coring and the significance of the stratigraphy beneath Strathbogie Plantation With the Howburn archaeological site now shown to be the oldest open-air site in Scotland, dating to the last phases of the last glacial period, the Devensian Epoch, comes...
Clay pipe, Glendorch Bastle excavation

Tobacco Pipes Specialist Report

During the course of excavating on post medieval sites, especially bastle houses and 17th and 18th century settlements, a large collection of tobacco pipe bowls and stems with maker’s marks have been gathered. Since clay pipe bowls had a short...

Sediment core labratory analysis 2

Developments in understanding the ice age lake sediments from Loch Howburn by Richard Tipping, 31 July 2010 In the last report (Sediment Core Analysis 1), I described the work Lucy Verrill and I were doing in trying to understand the record...

Sediment core labratory analysis 1

Labratory analysis of the sediments from the Priest's Well Basin, Elsrickle by Richard Tipping, 2 March 2010 A lot of work since November 2009 has shown that the floor of the valley below the Howburn archaeological site contains the sediments of...
Melbourne excavation mini beaker found in main pit

Lipid analysis of impressed and grooved ware sherds from Melbourne excavation

Impressed and grooved ware sherds found at Melbourne excavations have been analysed. Some of the impressed and grooved ware sherds we found in our excavations at Melbourne near Biggar have been analysed by Anna J. Mukherjee of Bristol University. She...
A light green, burnt and 'micro-crazed' flake from Biggar Common (left), stay unaltered, black pitchstone flake from Arran (right)

Biggar Pitchstone Report – Archaeological Pitchstone in Northern Britain

The pitchstone finds and assemblages from our various projects now constitute the largest collection of pitchstone from a single area in Scotland outwith Arran itself, the source of the material. Torben Bjarke Ballin has now published his work titled Archaeological...
Early 18th Century wine bottle

Bottle Report – The collections of excavated glass from Glenochar and Smithwood bastle houses

We now have the second bottle and glass report by Robin Murdoch of Edinburgh, on the assemblage from our latest bastle house excavation. This is at Smithwood Bastle , in the Daer Valley, where we had earlier carried out a...

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