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Gold, Silver and Bronze objects found in South Lanarkshire

The Treasures of South Lanarkshire

What is Treasure? The Treasures of South Lanarkshire is an attempt by the author to highlight the almost unbelievable wealth of curated and built heritage of the area, and much of which is probably unknown to the general public, but all...
David Fisher, artist – his Clydesdale legacy pdf report

David Fisher, Artist 1946-2013 – his Clydesdale legacy

This report David Fisher, artist – report on his Clydesdale legacy is produced in memory of David Fisher and hopefully as a more lasting legacy of his contribution to our local heritage. The images are available from the writer...
Biggar Kirk Report cover

Biggar Kirk report

Download the report with this link Biggar Kirk Report A brief history of Biggar Kirk and a tour of its principal features including its oak roof. Biggar Kirk (Pl 3), formerly known as St Mary’s Church is unique, being the last Pre-Reformation...

Survey of St Mary’s Churchyard

Download Survey of St Mary's Churchyard pdf Previous inventories of the pre-1855 gravestone inscriptions in St Mary's Churchyard, Biggar, produced by John Smith in 1916 and Sheila Scott in 1972, have been updated by Biggar Archaeology Group with the addition...
18th Century pottery report cover

Early 18th century pottery from pre Lowland Clearance sites in Scotland.

Download pdf report: Early 18th century pottery from pre Lowland Clearance sites in Scotland. Several excavated sites in southern Scotland have produced assemblages of early 18th century red earthenware and other types of Staffordshire type slip ware pottery. The sites are...
The two war memorials at Elsrickle short report

Two war memorials at Elsrickle, South Lanarkshire

Elsrickle has another unique distinction, that of having two war memorials in the village. One is beside the now unused church at the bottom of the village, and commemorates four Privates, killed in various battles in WW I, while the other much smaller memorial is at the top of the village beside the main road for all to see, but one suspects few people will ever notice the fact, or wonder why this should be. The second memorial remembers a further two soldiers killed in WW I, but also another who was killed in WW II

Covington Tower and Doocot report

Limited excavation was undertaken at Covington Tower and Doocot in 1982 in advance of proposed consolidation works on the site to make it safe as a visitor attraction. The restoration scheme as envisaged was never completed. A few archaeological details of the site were however revealed.
Selection of Microliths from Daer Valley excavation

Daer Valley and Clydesdale Mesolithic Report

Biggar Archaeology Group PDF Reports. info@biggararchaeology.org.uk

Lamington Stone

A report on a stone fragment found in Lamington Church cemetery.
Various pitchstone tools

The world of Arran pitchstone as perceived at Biggar Museums in 2000

Account of a seminar on Pitchstone held at Biggar Museum in 2000

Heritage Trails

Research projects

Bastle Houses and Sheep Buchts

Selection of microliths

Mesolithic Biggar

Daer reservoir showing peat where water is down

Reservoir Archaeology