The wee war memorial

Elsrickle War Memorials – an update

Back in June 2018 we uploaded a report and news item about why there were two war memorials in the village of Elsrickle. The two war memorials at Elsrickle, South Lanarkshire In that article and the report we asked if anyone knew...
Biggar Kirk bell tower

Biggar Kirk a tour of principle features and brief history

Biggar Kirk, formerly known as St Mary’s Church is unique, being the last Pre-Reformation church to be built in Scotland. A fascinating history of the church dating back to the 12th century is available and some aspects of the building...
Mechanical digger and dumper truck working on the M74 project excavation

Digitised M74 Report from 1992

The out of print report by Tam Ward on the survey work by the Biggar Archaeology Group as part of the M74 upgrade in Clydesdale, now South Lanarkshire, in 1990, it has now been digitised. Upper Clydesdale through the Ages...
Tinto Hill as viewed from Lamington. Note the pink rock in the main body of the hill (felsite) and the black rock (basalt) protruding from a later intrusion.

History and Archaeology – Myth or Fact

A talk given by Tam Ward at Quothquan near Thankerton, some years ago. History can be mystery and archaeology can be downright frustrating, often, literally, archaeology is rubbish! It’s all about trying to understand and learn about the past, neither...
St Mary's Church, Biggar

Survey of St Mary’s Churchyard, Biggar

This Biggar Archaeology Group report on Survey of St Mary's Churchyard is an update to previous inventories of the pre-1855 gravestone inscriptions in St Mary's Churchyard, Biggar, produced by John Smith in 1916 and Sheila Scott in 1972. This version...
Smithwood slip ware bowl – reconstructed

Early 18th century pottery from pre Lowland Clearance sites in Scotland

Several excavated sites in southern Scotland have produced assemblages of early 18th century red earthenware and other types of Staffordshire type slip ware pottery. The sites are known to have been abandoned before 1760 and furthermore much of the pottery is...
Reindeer migration

The Howburn Book

At last, and it has been worth the wait – we have the Howburn Book, a report principally by Torben Bjarke Ballin, a leading lithics expert and no stranger to Biggar Archaeology Group because he also did a report...
The wee war memorial

The two war memorials at Elsrickle, South Lanarkshire

The wee village of Elsrickle, in South Lanarkshire was recently made famous as being the village near the oldest known place of human activity in Scotland; Howburn Farm where people arrived from Denmark, by following reindeer over what is...

Six Castles and a Bastle in Upper Clydesdale

This report features a localised grouping of castle sites and a bastle house that are given as a guide to defensive sites dating from the 12th to the 17th centuries in Upper Clydesdale, South Lanarkshire. Map showing locations of sites...
Covington Tower Moat now filled in

Excavations and consolidation works at Covington Tower and Doocot, South Lanarkshire

Covington Tower and doocot represent the best sites of their types in the Upper reaches of the River Clyde in South Lanarkshire. The site is located at NS 975 400 and lies immediately on the west side of an...

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Bastle Houses and Sheep Buchts

Selection of microliths

Mesolithic Biggar

Daer reservoir showing peat where water is down

Reservoir Archaeology