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Six Castles and a Bastle in Upper Clydesdale

This report features a localised grouping of castle sites and a bastle house that are given as a guide to defensive sites dating from the 12th to the 17th centuries in Upper Clydesdale, South Lanarkshire. Map showing locations of sites...
Covington Tower Moat now filled in

Excavations and consolidation works at Covington Tower and Doocot, South Lanarkshire

Covington Tower and doocot represent the best sites of their types in the Upper reaches of the River Clyde in South Lanarkshire. The site is located at NS 975 400 and lies immediately on the west side of an...
Illustration of Glenochar Battle House and Fermtoun

Glenochar Bastle House and Fermtoun

An account of the discovery, survey, consolidation, excavations and research of a 17th-century defensive farmhouse and buildings in Clydesdale, with supplementary contextual information. This Glenochar Bastle House and Fermtoun report replaces all previous works on the site, but much is...
Daer Reservoir

Daer Reservoir

Daer Reservoir Interestingly one of the sites is beside a burn while the others lie further uphill and near spring courses. Other more sporadic scatters and find spots within the reservoir may yet prove to be Mesolithic in date.The sites...

Daer Valley

The Daer Valley was initially visited in the search for bastle house sites, three were discovered; Wintercleuch, Smithwood and Kirkhope. The valley was re-visited for the M74 Project in 1990 and the area within the reservoir was also inspected in...
Clydesdale Surveying

Clydesdale Upland Survey

Clydesdale Survey The upland surveys undertaken by the Group and by the writer in a commercial capacity for pre-aforestation surveys, principally in The Clyde and Tweed Valleys but also in numerous other locations of the Southern Uplands of Scotland, has...

Wildshaw Burn

Wildshaw Burn Stone Circle The monument consists of 23 stones arranged in an almost perfect ellipse. Its long axis, 52m in length, is aligned NNE-SSW; the short axis is 42m long. The circle lies between the new M74 motorway and...

Bastle Houses and Sheep Buchts

Bastle Houses and Sheep Buchts Coming from zero in terms of knowledge of these sites, we have now recorded bastles or possible bastles, countless sheep milking buchts and numerous shieling sites. The emerging scenario depicts tenant farmers, rearing sheep and...
Selection of Microliths from Daer Valley excavation

Daer Valley and Clydesdale Mesolithic Report

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View from Tinto Hill – Cairn

Latest Reports – Crossing the Clyde, On Tintock Tap, two reports on mesolithic Daer...

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Bastle Houses and Sheep Buchts

Selection of microliths

Mesolithic Biggar

Daer reservoir showing peat where water is down

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