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A unique pair of napkin rings

Camps Reservoir excavation and survey report from 1992

A survey and partial excavation of a series of Bronze Age and later structures exposed by the lowering of the water level in Camps Reservoir was carried out in 1992 and 1994. In the first campaign of work an enclosed cremation...
Low water levels at Daer reservoir

Reservoirs 2021 – exceptionally low water levels

Revisiting some of our past excavations sites recently found the reservoirs are particularly low this year. Some background information The four reservoirs are Talla, Fruid and Megget, all in Borders Region and Daer in South Lanarkshire. Various campaigns of work have...
Reindeer Hunters report

How did Late Upper Palaeolithic reindeer hunters live?

Download the full report How did Late Upper Palaeolithic reindeer hunters live?. This essay attempts to understand aspects of the lifestyles of the Late Upper Palaeolithic (LUP) people who arrived for seasonal camps at Howburn Farm near Biggar, and who...

The Howburn Farm Lithic Tools

A new pdf report with a partial photographic presentation of the Howburn Farm Late Upper Palaeolithic and later prehistoric tool and lithic assemblage is now available to download. Howburn Farm is currently a unique name in Scottish archaeology as having...

Lime clamp kiln at Glencotho excavation in 2015

An Excavation report on the lime clamp kilns at Glencotho, Peeblesshire, Scottish Borders in 2015. Download the full report from here. The excavated kiln is part of a group and was given in The Upper Tweed Archaeological Survey (Ward, 2004)...
Report on Lime clamp kiln at Glencotho

Lime clamp kiln at Glencotho excavation 2015

Excavation of a lime clamp kiln at Glencotho, Peeblesshire, Scottish Borders. BAG Lime kiln Report

Treasures of South Lanarkshire – 4 reports in one

The Treasures of South Lanarkshire is an attempt by the author to highlight the almost unbelievable wealth of curated and built heritage of the area. The work comprises of four parts: The Treasures of South Lanarkshire Part 1     The Treasures of South Lanarkshire...
Biggar Kirk Report cover

Biggar Kirk report

Download the report with this link Biggar Kirk Report A brief history of Biggar Kirk and a tour of its principal features including its oak roof. Biggar Kirk (Pl 3), formerly known as St Mary’s Church is unique, being the last Pre-Reformation...
Biggar Kirk bell tower

Biggar Kirk a tour of principle features and brief history

Biggar Kirk, formerly known as St Mary’s Church is unique, being the last Pre-Reformation church to be built in Scotland. A fascinating history of the church dating back to the 12th century is available and some aspects of the building...
Smithwood slip ware bowl – reconstructed

Early 18th century pottery from pre Lowland Clearance sites in Scotland

Several excavated sites in southern Scotland have produced assemblages of early 18th century red earthenware and other types of Staffordshire type slip ware pottery. The sites are known to have been abandoned before 1760 and furthermore much of the pottery is...

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Daer reservoir showing peat where water is down

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